Cook at Home, Live Longer

Senior couple at kitchen

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Today, we often feel like there is not enough time in the day (or night) to do everything we need or want to accomplish. Between work, the commute, family time, errands, household chores, maintaining our network of friends and social contacts, etc., home cooked meals often get put on the back burner (pun intended). Grabbing fast food, dining at restaurants, or buying pre-made, frozen dishes often sounds appealing after a long, exhausting day, and each of these options require considerably less time and effort. But what if cooking meals at home increased your longevity?

A study by Cambridge found a positive association between cooking at home and living a longer life. Researchers asked participants a series of questions regarding lifestyle and personal habits. One of those questions related to cooking at home. Data from the initial survey found that  “43 percent of participants never cooked, while 17 percent cooked one to two times per week, 9 percent cooked three to five times in a week and 31 percent cooked five or more times a week.” When researchers followed up with participants ten years later, they discovered that those who cooked frequently were more likely to be alive. Read the Huffington Post article here.

Dining out at restaurants can be a treat just as grabbing fast food or heating up a frozen entree may be the answer on occasion, but when it comes to the length of your life, perhaps there is time to make that home cooked meal.

By Jocelyn Robancho


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