5 Time Saving Tips for Home Cooking

The hustle and bustle of a busy day might place preparing a meal at home at the very bottom of your to-do list. Home cooked meals require time, and if you feel strapped, take out might seem like the solid answer. But how much time is actually needed to prepare a truly delicious meal? With the proper organization, the answer is less time than you may think.

Hulu's, Graduation, Em's 22 0425 Time Saving Tips for Home Cooking

1. Plan ahead. Take 15-20 minutes to plan out you meals for the upcoming week. Create a shopping list as you plan. With one master plan and shopping list in hand, you can make one trip to the grocery store for the week. If you do not have enough space in the kitchen to stock up for the entire week, create “mini” shopping lists and purchase ingredients for several days at once. Either way, having a plan and shopping list offers assurance that there is something you can make at home and that you have the proper amount of each ingredients.

2. Consider recipe prep and cook time. If you know that on Wednesdays you have little time to cook, then you probably do not want a recipe that requires a 20 minutes of prep and a solid 60 minutes to cook. There are a plethora of great tasting, healthy recipes that can be whipped up in 35 minutes of less. Visit the ‘recipe’ page for a few recipe ideas.

3. Cut, chop, slice, and dice in advance. Chop veggies and marinate meat the night before or even on the morning of. When dinner time rolls around you can skip the prep and delve right into cooking.

4. Scale recipes for leftovers. Doubling a dinner recipe can save you time the next day. Pack leftovers for lunch or reheat them for dinner the next day. Some recipes like curries, soups, and stews, taste even better after the flavors have had longer to meld together.

5. Make your own freezer dinners. Perhaps eating the same thing twice in a given week isn’t your thing. You can still scale recipes for leftovers, but instead of eating them the next day, freeze your extras. Home made frozen dinners are perfect for days when you literally have zero time but still want the wholesome goodness of a home cooked meal. Pull that tupperware out of the freezer and pop it into the oven or microwave.


By Jocelyn Robancho

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