One Definition of ‘Healthy’

The founders of Fitsme follow the Paleolithic diet. Paleo excludes all dairy, legumes, and grains. The bulk of our plate consists of meat or animal protein and vegetables with small amounts of fruits and nuts. Refined sugars are replaced with natural sugars such as honey. High-carb foods, like potatoes, are either cut out completely or severely limited. Processed foods, as well as refined vegetable oils, are completely eliminated.


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So, what do we eat?

  • Vegetable egg scrambles with a side of bacon or sausage
  • Grilled steak, seafood, or chicken with large helpings of seasoned vegetables
  • Stews, soups, and curries filled with vegetables and some type of meat
  • Raw vegetables and nuts as a snack
  • Whole fruit as a dessert

But to be honest, we do not follow Paleo exactly to the tee. One of our founders loves cheese. Another loves sweets. And our third founder owns 2 sushi restaurants. So, we all alter what it means to be Paleo so that we eat according to our lifestyle. While we occasionally eat some cheese, ice cream, chocolate, or sushi, we still consider ourselves Paleo.

For us here at Fitsme, to be healthy is to eat according to your lifestyle. We do not advocate for any one specific diet or even having a diet at all. Diets can be restricting and do not always fit an individual’s needs. We believe that people are healthier when they cook at home and are conscious of what goes into their body.

By Jocelyn Robancho

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