Puzzling out where to find your next recipe?

Hundreds of food sites. Thousands of food blogs. Millions of recipes. A ton of links bookmarked, organized or perhaps not.

Photo by: Palto

Photo by: Palto

Fitsme pieces together the many recipe sites and food blogs that exist on the web, creating a place where users can find a plethora of recipes all in one place.

Our Facebook page features a new recipe each day centered around a theme. On Mondays you can find paleo recipes, Tuesdays tacos, Wednesdays pescetarian dishes, Thursdays beverages, Fridays vegetarian meals, and something sweet on the weekends!

Here are some of the sites we get our recipes from:

Elana’s Pantry
Smitten Kitchen
A Spicy Perspective
Bon Appetit

What are you having for dinner tonight?

By Jocelyn Robancho


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