Save food. Spend less. Eat More.

Photo by: Fabrizio

Photo by: Fabrizio

Wasting food in the kitchen is an easy thing to do. What do you do with ½ a bell pepper? Do you often find science experiments in the back of the fridge? Here are two ways that you can reduce food waste and potentially save money in the process.

1. Plan out meals and link ingredients

Often we go to the store and buy ingredients that look good on their own but might not combine well for a meal. Creating a meal plan and shopping list before you head to the grocery store can help you stay on track. With a list of set ingredients in hand, you can skip the aisle perusing and go straight to the items you need.

Meal planning also gives you the chance to link ingredients together. If Monday’s recipe calls for ½ a bell pepper, find another recipe for Tuesday or Wednesday that also calls for ½ a bell pepper. It’s better than tossing it away or letting it be forgotten in your fridge.

2. Organize your fridge

A ‘new in, old out’ system for perishables in your fridge is a good way to make sure older foods get eaten first. Create an ‘eat me first’ box. You can store the leftover 1/2 of bell pepper from Monday night’s dinner, or whole ingredients that should be used soon.

Break your fridge into right and left sections. Reserve the left hand side for new foods. After you purchase new ingredients, move the food items on the left to the right, and place the new items on the left. Now when you are searching for something to eat, you’ll know that the foods on the right need to be eaten first. Color coded labels are another way to organize foods by the day and date an item entered the fridge.

Whether it’s meal planning, creating a shopping list, or organizing your fridge, the first step to reducing in home food waste is to try something different from your regular routine.

By Jocelyn Robancho


One response to “Save food. Spend less. Eat More.

  1. I buy my peppers frozen and pre-sliced. Works out cheaper to begin with and I have no problems like what to do with the other half, which normally would just get thrown into the rest of the recipe…

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