The Flexible Shopping List

Feature Update

Your personalized meal plan comes with an aggregate shopping list where each recipe is scaled according to the number of people you typically cook for. This is great if you do all your grocery shopping for the week at once and you cook for the same amount of people without deviation. But we understand having limited space and the desire for the freshest produce possible.

Check out our new features below.

Seconds, please!

Scale recipes to fit your needs. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, your family loves seconds, or you know that extra helping won’t get eaten, you can be sure you purchase just the right amount of each ingredient.

Today,tomorrow, and Wednesday too. 

Choose how many and which days you want to shop for.

9 tomatoes?

Find out which recipe an ingredient is for right from your shopping list!

Clicking the green  ingredient text expands the list and displays the recipes the ingredient is for, along with the quantity needed for each.

Got Salt?

No need to shop for something already in your pantry. Click an ingredient line and hit the red X button to delete it from your shopping list.

Inbox (1)

Send your shopping list right to your email.

Click the “email to self” button at the top of your shopping list page and receive an easy to print, plain text version of your shopping list in your inbox.

Not a member of fitsme? Sign up today at Use the promo code fitsmeblog to skip the invite process. 

By Jocelyn Robancho

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