Fine Tuning Your Food Personality

Credit: Jocelyn Robancho & Griffin Johnston

Credit: Jocelyn Robancho

In our blog post Likes, Dislikes, and Excludes: How They Work we learned how Fitsme creates your personal filter. In this post we’ll learn how to fine tune your food personality in order to fit your unique lifestyle. When it comes to food preferences, we want our users to have the flexibility to express the complexity of what they like to eat.

If you follow a specific diet but regularly deviate with specific foods, you’ll want to create your own ‘diet.’  The examples below take a few of the traditional diets and illustrate how you can set up your food personality to make a few exceptions. 

Are you a vegetarian that likes to gorge on a hamburger once in a blue moon? 

Instead of selecting the ‘Vegetarian’ diet, you’ll want to exclude specific meats individually, dislike ‘beef’ and like ‘hamburgers.’ When Fitsme creates your personal filter, it will first remove all recipes with items from your exclude list. Then it will negatively weight your dislikes and positively weight your likes. As a result you will see mainly vegetarian dishes and the occasional hamburger recipe.

Likes Dislikes Excludes
Hamburgers Beef Poultry
Vegetables Fish

In addition to preferences about meat, you would want to also include information about any allergies you might have and other preferences regarding specific foods and food categories.

Do you eat paleo, but love cheese so much that you eat it sparingly?

If you are paleo but like to eat cheese,  you can still select the ‘Paleo’ diet but in the restrictions section you will want to unclick ‘dairy’ and add specific dairy items you want excluded, such as butter, cow’s milk, and yogurt. Under ingredients  you will want to  like cheese.

Likes Dislikes Excludes
Cheese Dairy Legumes
Meats Grains
Vegetables Seed Oils
Fruits Vegetable Oils
Nuts Cow Milk
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil

You’ll also want to add information about your allergies and other information about the foods you like or dislike.

Perhaps you identify as a pescatarian because you prefer to eat fish the majority of the time, but you do not mind eating chicken and lamb. 

Similarly to the hamburger eating vegetarian, you will not want to select the ‘Pescatarian’ diet. Instead you will want to exclude the specific meats you never want to eat, dislike the meats you want to see on occasion, and like fish and seafood.

Likes Dislikes Excludes
Fish Poultry Pork
Seafood Lamb Beef

Again, you’ll want to note allergies and other food preferences.

If you have questions about fine tuning your food personality or you are interested in creating your own diet and would like help, leave a comment for this post. I will get back to you soon after. 

By Jocelyn Robancho


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