What the hell is american cuisine?

flickr: hoveringdog

flickr: hoveringdog

As our Fitsme team hand annotate thousands of recipes for our users, I can assure you that each and every one of us have asked ourselves the question, “should I label this recipe as American cuisine?” In fact, in our first get together when we were learning how to annotate recipes, as a team leader said, “If you can’t decide on a dishes’ cuisine, just label it American,” another team leader said “no, leave it blank because what if people don’t like American cuisine.” For a few minutes, the pressing issue of the meeting was what the hell American food is.

It’s difficult to explain or describe American cuisine when our country is so young and our demographics are constantly changing. For those who are also curious, below are a couple of interesting articles that discuss the history, influences, and characteristics of our young food culture.


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