Interview: Living with CD Since 2009

Our co-founder, Austin, had the pleasure of chatting with Angie Nieves from Tampa, FL.

 Austin: How long have you been diagnosed with Celiac Disease(CD) or a gluten sensitivity(GS)?
Angie: Celiac diagnosis 2009.

Austin: How has having CD or a GS affected your life?
Angie: Celiac affects every area of your life.

Austin: When was the last time you were “glutened” and how did that make you feel?
Angie: Six month ago and I did not go to work for 2 days.

Austin:  How often do you dine out versus eat at home? For example, how many meals per week/month do you eat out?
Angie: Eat out on special occasions only at a restaurant with a gluten free menu.

Austin: Do you feel nervous when you do eat out? What are your ‘go to’ dishes when you do dine out?
Angie: Yes, I feel nervous when I eat out, and I go for sautéed veggies.

Austin: How do relatives, friends and/or servers at restaurants typically react when you bring up your sensitivity/allergy?
Angie: I have been blessed, everyone reacts with concern and interest on learning about celiac.

Austin: What is something that would make living with CD easier that does not currently exist? More GF products? Better Labeling Laws?
Angie: A law that states all gluten free foods are to be made on gluten free machines or facilities.

Austin: Do you have any advice for family members of those newly diagnosed with CD?
Angie: Be patient, you have a lot to learn.

Austin: Anything else you’d like to share about living with celiac?
Angie: Why are gluten free food so expensive….


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