The Surprising Benefits of Frozen Produce

The choice between fresh or frozen may seem obvious. Why else would every restaurant and fast food chain use the word “fresh” to market their foods? Not to mention, the stigma against frozen foods- they’re not as tasty, they’re not as healthy, they’re not as fresh, etc… But what if I told you that those perceptions aren’t necessary true and that grocery shopping in the freezer aisle isn’t such a bad idea?

flickr: siddharthav 

flickr: siddharthav

According to many nutritionists, frozen foods are often times more nutrient rich. Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked when they’re at their peak ripeness and then frozen immediately- locking in nutrients. On the other hand, fresh foods are picked well before they are ripe because of the time it takes them to be packaged, travel over 1,500 miles by truck to your local grocery store, and sit waiting to be sold. During the time they artificially ripen in the truck or grocery store, fresh produce often loses its nutrients. As long as you don’t overcook frozen produce until its all mushy, it will pass a taste and texture test. Note that this doesn’t apply to frozen processed foods which are high in sodium—but frozen produce, yeah they’re great.

On top of these surprising findings, frozen foods are also cheap and convenient. You can save a lot of money when buying out-of-season produce. Frozen produce is always readily available and will last for months in the freezer, which means less trips to the grocery store. In short, when considering the obvious and not-so-obvious perks of buying frozen procudes, the frozen aisle of your grocery store isn’t such a bad place.

By Brian Van



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