Imagine opening a cookbook and finding that every recipe peaks your interest. 

Fitsme_BrownBack_Glove_250x250With Fitsme, we intend to do just that. Here’s how: 

Food Personality Profile
Everyone’s personality is different. Likewise, we all have unique food preferences. Tell us about the foods you eat often, the ones you could do without, and those that you avoid.

Discover recipes
See more of what you like, less of what you don’t, and never anything you exclude. Your food personality profile is used as a persistent filter to find the recipes that fit you best.

Thumbs up & thumbs down
As you discover recipes, you can thumbs up or thumbs down each one. Over time, we’ll learn about the food combinations, methods, and styles of cooking you enjoy most.

Flexible meal planning and shopping lists
Choose the days and meals you typically cook at home, and structure a meal plan that reflects your lifestyle. Each meal plan comes with an aggregate shopping list, as well as flexible shopping list features. Users can select what days and meals to shop for, scale recipes to fit their needs, delete items already in the pantry, and email a plain text version of the list. 

Sign up today at fitsmeapp.com and get started building your food personality profile.



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