Ready in 35 minutes or less

Need something quick and delicious? These recipes can be prepared and cooked in 35 minutes or less.

Chicken Dinners

Cilantro Avocado Chicken Burgers
Almond Chicken Salad
Bacon Ranch Chicken Tostadas
Chicken Pesto Pizza
Chicken Cacciatore
Green Chicken Soup
Chicken Breast w/ Balsamic Vinegar
Pan Seared Chicken Breast w/ Shallots

Beef Dishes

Asian Beef w/ Snow Peas
Beef Stroganoff
Herb Crusted Beef Tenderloin
Sweet Teriyaki Beef Skewers
Mongolian Beef
Beef Nacho Bake
Taco Bean Burgers
Pan Fried Steak w/ Marsala Sauce
Miso Marinated Flank Steak
Flank Steak Tacos w/ Mango Salsa

Pork Dishes

Autumn Glazed Pork Chops
Fennel Pork Chops
Balsamic Cherry Pork Chops
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Vegetable Dishes

Mushroom Saute
Mexican Rice & Bean Salad
Simple Pasta Salad
Garlicky Quinoa & Garbo Bean Salad
Edamame Bean Salad
Avocado Tacos

For more recipes ideas, sign up for a Fitsme account today! Tailor the recipes you see in browse to fit your individual food preferences or dietary needs.


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